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I read around. I don’t care who the author is, where the story takes place, how many characters there are or even the age level of the book. Paper, electronic, audio, or even film adaptations...  I’m shameless!

We found Momo!

Find Momo: Hide and Seek with an Adventurous Border Collie - Andrew  Knapp

When I showed this book to my teenaged children, their reactions were priceless.

My daughter said, "So Momo just runs and hides? That's so adorable!"

Then they started looking through the book; all I heard was "Found him!" "Found Him!" "Oh my God, this is so CUTE!" "There he IS!"

My daughter actually screamed when she saw the second to the last page where Momo is laying on his back getting a belly rub. "This is... Oh my God, it's so cute, I can't... Oh, look at him!"

We have a dog, Eddie, that is part Border Collie and he looks just like Momo, except Eddie is tan. My kids compared what Momo was doing in the photos to what Eddie would be doing instead; Eddie isn't nearly as patient as Momo seems to be.

This was a fun book to look at and enjoy with the kids. It's perfect for any age to enjoy.